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Perfect Crime  by  Jack Erickson

Perfect Crime by Jack Erickson
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I didnt hate this story & I think theres hope for this author. He could be a good one, so Im going to take the time to point out what bothered me.This was told from the first person point of view. I usually like those, but this was a guy telling the story as a girl & it just didnt ring true all the time, although it wasnt horrible - just a little off.

Cant say why, though. I think this might have been better if the sexes of the characters was switched.The setup & situation was pretty good, the motives very understandable, but the device was clunky & this is supposed to be a perfect crime. That sets the bar high & the author had all the right ingredients. Unfortunately, he failed to put them together properly.

(view spoiler)[I crept back to the patio and disconnected the line from the propane tank to the grill with a pocket wrench. I slipped the round end of the paper tube onto the nozzle of the propane tank and repositioned the line just above the nozzle so it would look like it had been dislodged by an explosion.A pocket wrench?

I have a quite a few wrenches, nothing Id call a pocket wrench. Using a wrench means theres no way its going to look like an explosion repositioned anything, though. On top of that, the character thinks that taping some cardboard & paper together to make a tube to run some gas into a cracked window requires an engineering degree from Cal.

(Cal Tech?) Seriously? I know illiterate drunks that could deal with it as handily.Worse, this elaborate scheme, which requires precise timing & a very long drive, relies on a 20 lb. propane gas grill tank having enough gas in it to flood a house in the winter. If it had been just the floor, that would have been weak. However the gas took a detour into the attic for some reason.... Being heavier than air, gas would fill the laundry room and work up into the open space, filling the attic. It would creep under the door into the hallway and flow all over the house, laying a carpet of combustible fuel.

The gas would seep under the bedroom door,...Thats a lot of gas to expect from something she never bothered to check. She just heard it hiss & walked away. My wife did that with a roast the other night & we ate very late after the gas ran out & I had to swap bottles.On top of that, its a hell of a thing to hinge all this on when the old farm house has natural gas piped in, an egotistical, owner who drops in occasionally & complains about the cost of repairs. There was a recent earthquake & an inspector was scheduled to come out later in the week.

With all that, a better mechanism than a possibly empty propane tank & a big crack in a window could have been worked out. (hide spoiler)]

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